Why now’s the best time to trade in your old Samsung Galaxy phone

Now’s the best time to trade in or sell your old Samsung Galaxy handset. That’s because trade-in prices are currently as high as they’re going to get before the Galaxy S20 series is launched.

Compare and Recycle says that the Samsung Galaxy S10e resale value has dropped the most since the release of the S10 Series this time last year (a whopping £10 drop in value for each month the phone has been out), while the 4G models have held value better than the S10 5G – probably because if you want a 5G phone you’re probably going to go for an S20 instead. 

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Last year, MusicMagpie suggested Samsung handsets could lose up to 35 percent of their value once the next-generation version is available on the streets in early March (the S20 release date is rumoured to be 6 March). 

Compare and Recycle believes that the upward trend of S10 and S10+ 4G recycling prices could continue until March, or until the new S20 series is available, in other words.

Since the beginning of January, the larger S10+ 512GB has gone up by £40 and the 128GB variant has seen an increase of up to £20.

The Galaxy S10 128GB can earn you up to £35 more than it did at the beginning of the year and the trade-in prices for 512GB model have also increased by a whopping £60. The recycler says merchants are offering on average £40 less for the Galaxy S10 5G.

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What about S9 and S8 trade-in prices? 

Older Galaxy phones have maintained a relatively steady price for the past five months, according to Compare and Recycle. One exception is the Galaxy S8+ where the average trade-in price has fallen gradually and it can be currently traded for around £141.

Usually, you have a few days of grace after the event while prices are still OK, but after that trade-in prices tend to decline significantly. Most trade-in sites will guarantee the price they give you for a couple of weeks. 

The best thing you can do is confirm a trade-in price before the Galaxy S20 launch event to ensure a high price on trade-in. 

You can also trade-in directly with Samsung.

The S20 series is coming

Almost everything about the Samsung Galaxy S20 series has leaked recently and we’ve got a fairly good idea about the Galaxy S20 price as well.

We believe UK prices will be set at £799 for the Galaxy S20 4G, with another £75 on top for the 5G version. For the S20+, those prices jump to £999 and £1074. For the range-topping S20 Ultra 5G we believe you’ll pay £1,149.

You can pre-register to receive availability details and deals from Carphone Warehouse.

We’ll find out the full details at Samsung’s Unpacked launch event on 11 February. Check out all the details here: 

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