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Wi-Fi EasyMesh standard outlines self-organizing, multi-vendor networks

Arris claims first Wi-Fi EasyMesh product

For consumers, Wi-Fi dead zones can be the cause of frustration and decreased productivity. To improve coverage, facilitated internet of things (IoT) implementations and create new band and equipment interoperability opportunities, the Wi-Fi Alliance has developed a new mesh network standard designed to improve Wi-Fi coverage.

The Wi-Fi EasyMesh standard is geared toward deployments with multiple access points, which are autonomously managed to be self-organizing and adaptable. Depending on the needs of a particular device that hits the network, EasyMesh connects to the device to the optimal access point.

Wi-Fi analyst Adlane Fellah of Maraverdis said EasyMesh will better “enable residential IoT and the connected smart home…EasyMesh delivers a better residential Wi-Fi user experience and a standardized approach further expands an existing market and drives great innovation among product vendors.”

Speaking of products, on Aug. 9 Arris announced the first EasyMesh certified product in the VAP464, which is based on the wave 2 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

“Our home Wi-Fi vision is to provide ubiquitous coverage from a single network,” Larry Robinson, president, of Arris’ Customer Premises Equipment group, said. “We’re proud to continue our contributions to the Wi-Fi Alliance’s multi-AP specifications and Wi-Fi EasyMesh program to help service providers bring new innovations…to consumers. We’re making it easier for consumers to install, configure and manage their home network, while delivering Gigabit speed.”

Wi-Fi Alliance President and CEO Edgar Figueroa said the new standards “offers both service providers and Wi-Fi users a consistent approach to multiple AP solutions.”

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