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Will the OnePlus Z really be called ‘OnePlus Nord’?

Chalk this one down as a little bit of an out-there rumour, but, the current suggestion from a relatively prolific OnePlus leaker on Twitter is that the next, more affordable OnePlus phone is going to feature a new brand name. 

Rather than be called OnePlus 8 Lite, or even OnePlus Z (as we’d heard previously), there’s a suggestion that it’s going to be called the OnePlus Nord, or – at the very least – be launched as part of a new ‘Nord by OnePlus’ brand. 

In response to an article from Phone Arena, @MaxJmb seems to confirm this naming, having teased the fact that the ‘OnePlus Z’ name isn’t happening. 

While we’re not too sure about the appeal of calling a phone the ‘OnePlus Nord’ – in fact, we think it’s a terrible name – it’s not unlike companies to create brand families within themselves to sell more affordable and attractive devices.

Earlier in this story, OnePlus applied for a trademark in the US for ‘Nord by OnePlus’, and it covers a whole range of products from headphones, e-readers, smart TVs, tablets and – yes – smartphones. 

There’s a possibility that this could be to OnePlus what Redmi and Realme are/were to Xiaomi and Oppo. Part of the brand, but launched as a new lifestyle brand for a younger market. 

OnePlus is rumoured to be launching its more affordable smartphone in July, and the company co-founder Pete Lau has already confirmed that the manufacturer is going to be releasing more affordable devices across a whole range of product categories.

In an interview, he stated that he sees OnePlus has being a wide-ranging ecosystem. With the ‘Nord by OnePlus’ trademark designed to cover a whole swathe of consumer electronics, it could be that this is the ecosystem he’s spoken of.  

It does throw up potential issues, perhaps, in that there are two well-known brands in their fields with the ‘Nord’ name: Nord keyboards/synthesisers and NordVPN. 

Hopefully – if the name is used – the fact that it applies to very different types of product will help with any confusion from consumers. 

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