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World’s Largest Android Tablet is a 98 Inch Screen With a Subwoofer

There’s a fine line between tablet and basically any big portable device you can use… Now we’ve found a huge machine, a 98 inch Viewsonic beast, with a 98 inch display. It’s called ViewSonic IFP9850 and it’s got a 4K resolution and a subwoofer.

The ViewSonic IFP9850 slate is basically a huge monitor with a touchscreen panel. It’s priced at $9499 and it’s about the same size as 4 50 inch TV sets combined. It has 20 point touch and it’s great for a classroom and board room for collaborative working processes. It should have a penta core processor inside, Android 8 on board and it’s meant at schools and businesses. It could be useful for demos during events in front of a live audience, like demonstrations, events, conferences and more.

It’s all about interactivity, as the device has integrated myViewBoard annotation software and ViewBoard Cast streaming software. This makes real time content collaboration, creation and sharing simpler. It can be used to display signage, interactive kiosks or large format panels (LFP). The display also has two 10W speakers, a 15W subwoofer too and inside, aside from the penta core CPU, it also has 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage.

Viewsonic also offers 3 years of limited warranty for its parts, labor and backlight. The price is hefty, but it’s probably paid by corporations and companies, not the average user. It also has quite a few ports and connectivity options: 3 audio ports, 7 USB ports, 4 HDMI ports, one GbE Lan port, one VGA and one RS232 serial connector. The display is 1.32 meters tall and weighs 100 kilograms. It consumes 400W of power. You can get it here.

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