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Gift Bags & Boxes

When it comes time to give gifts to friends and loved ones, you’re going to need to package them. While wrapping paper might be the go-to for many people, it isn’t your only option. You can always opt for a cute bag to hide those presents, or snag a lovely gift box to wrap up clothing or put multiple items in one package.

An assortment of white and blue bags in several different sizes and patterns. An assortment of white and blue bags in several different sizes and patterns.

Patterns that pop:
Image Arts Gift Bag Assortment

Staff Pick

During the colder months of the year, there are always plenty of birthdays, parties at work, and family engagements where exchanging gifts is the norm. These winter-themed bags let you quickly wrap up anything you’ve purchased for friends, family, or coworkers without having to wrestle with wrapping paper and tape in the process. You get sixteen different bags in three different sizes, so it’s easy to ensure you have the right size bag for the items you are handing out.

$12 at Amazon

A trio of brown kraft paper bags. A trio of brown kraft paper bags.

Keep it simple:
BagDream Kraft Paper Bags

Not all bags need to be fancy to make a statement. BagDream’s Kraft Paper Bags are simple brown bags that are sturdy and easy to pack with gifts for any occasion. They’re also an excellent option for anyone who wants to add a personal flair since they’re super easy to decorate yourself with paint or markers. This set comes with 25 bags in three different sizes to ensure you always have a bag when you need one.

$37 at Amazon

Multicolored boxes for jewelry are displayed. Multicolored boxes for jewelry are displayed.

Bright colors:
PRALB Assorted Gift Boxes

There are times when the gifts you are giving are dainty rather than large. The PRALB Assorted Gift Box set is perfect for those occasions. These brightly colored boxes are built to house small items like rings, necklaces, and other jewelry items and come in a set of 18. That makes them uniquely suited to being used for wedding or birthday favors, and since they’re all brightly colored, it’s easy to tell them apart even if you don’t label them.

$13 at Amazon

Brown Kraft bags with holiday slogans and designs on them. Brown Kraft bags with holiday slogans and designs on them.

Holiday Cheer:
Kraft Holiday Bags

When December rolls around, chances are you’ll be involved in some kind of holiday party. This could be a work event, a secret Santa with friends, or more traditional celebrations with your family. If you need to wrap a present up at the last minute, these Kraft Holiday Bags make it easy and stress-free. You get 24 bags for one great price, and they even come with tags, so it’s easy to remember which gift is intended for which person!

$19 at Amazon

A pile of white shirt boxes. A pile of white shirt boxes.

Basic options:
All Day Gifts Boxes

When wrapping up clothing, it’s often much easier to use a box than it is to try and wrap it alone or shove it into a bag. These boxes from All Day Gifts are the perfect size for a variety of clothing items, as well as an excellent way to package multiple gifts in one parcel. You get ten boxes in three different sizes and all for a super affordable price.

$14 at Amazon

A variety of different jewel tones gift bags.A variety of different jewel tones gift bags.

Jewel Tones:
Matte Laminated Euro Tote Paper Gift Bag

There are times when the simple gift bags you purchase don’t quite get the job done. They might not look as nice as you like, especially if you’re giving your significant other a special gift for an anniversary or birthday. These Matte Laminated Paper Gift Bags from Novel Box add a layer of sophistication to your gift exchange. You get ten bags, and they come in a variety of gorgeous jewel tones that will set them apart from ordinary gift bags. You can also snag these bags in one of two sizes to make sure the gifts you’ve purchased will fit properly.

$13 at Amazon

Wrap it up

There are plenty of different reasons you might need a gift bag from wedding gifts, birthdays, and plenty of other occasions as well. No matter why you need a gift bag, finding the right one for the job is crucial. While there are tons of excellent options out there, our favorites were the Hallmark Image Arts Gift Bag Assortment. It delivers sixteen bags in three sizes, all with adorable winter-themed designs on them.

If you prefer a classier bag when giving out gifts, then try checking out the Matte Laminated Paper Gift Bag from Novel Box! They come in gorgeous jewel tones and have a more luxurious look and feel than many competitors. If what you need is just a simple box that you plan to wrap, then try a box from All Day Gifts. You can buy them in several sizes, and they’re perfect for clothing and other soft items!

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