Xiaomi 12T Pro leak shows 200MP snapper and familiar design

(Pocket-lint) – An image has surfaced that supposedly shows the Xiaomi 12T Pro’s camera module, and the design is a familiar sight for Xiaomi fans.

It appears almost identical to the Redmi K50 Extreme, which launched in China only, suggesting the 12T Pro will be a rebadged global version of the phone.

There’s a key difference, though, and that’s the fact that the leaked photo clearly shows 200MP branding on the camera housing.

Since there are very few 200MP sensors on the market, it’s likely that this is the Samsung Isocell HP1, which we first saw on the Motorola X30 Pro.

The Phonandroid article appears to have been taken down, but thankfully the image is still visible on the Twitter post above.

Elsewhere, specs seem identical to the Redmi K50 Extreme, as outlined by seasoned leaker Yogesh Brar.

It’s a pretty impressive spec sheet, aside from the ever-present 2MP macro camera, which we’re fed up with seeing on so many phones.

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Otherwise, it looks like it’ll offer serious performance, super-speedy charging and an impressive main camera.

With Xiaomi’s track record of competitive pricing, it could be a model to watch in the coming months.

Writing by Luke Baker.

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