Xiaomi expected to announce the Mi 11 at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit in December



(Pocket-lint) – Xiaomi is expected to provide some details about its 2021 flagship smartphone within the week, with an appearance at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit.

Qualcomm holds an annual event where it showcases and formally announces its forthcoming Snapdragon hardware. In 2019, that saw the announcement of the Snapdragon 765 and 865 – amongst others which have powered many great devices through 2020.

Xiaomi took to the stage at the 2019 Summit and announced that the Mi 10 would be one of the first using the Snapdragon 865 hardware and we’re expecting the same sort of announcing at the 2020 event. Qualcomm has taken to Weibo to start promoting the event and has mentioned that Lei Jun, Xiaomi co-founder, will be making an appearance.

We’re expecting to see announcements from Qualcomm about future hardware for smartphones, with a new Snapdragon 800 series platform keenly anticipated. It’s currently being called the Snapdragon 875, but we’re waiting until December to get all the details.

We’d also expect mid-range Snapdragon 700 series updates too – as that’s been such a popular platform for devices in 2020.

We’d expect to see a range of manufacturers contribute to the Qualcomm events and it’s really the first step in getting a good understanding about how 2021 will advance our smartphones. We expect Xiaomi to be fully in the mix and one of the first to launch on the new hardware.

We will bring you all the details from the virtual event as they happen.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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