Xperia gaming event confirmed: Could Sony be about to launch a new gaming phone?

(Pocket-lint) – Sony has confirmed that it will be hosting an event on 12 September. The content of the event is unknown, but it’s being held in Japan and happening under the Xperia brand, so it’s mobile-related.

The teaser video doesn’t reveal much, apart from showing a gamer and offering up the words “made for pro gamers and streamers”.

That raises more questions than it answers: linking gaming and Xperia immediately raises the question of whether Sony is preparing to revisit the PlayStation phone again. The previous iteration was the Xperia Play (launched under the Sony Ericsson brand), which featured a slide-out controller giving you off-screen controls.

That was in 2011 and before that we had the PSP Go – launched in 2009 – which aimed to replicate the PSP but on a more compact scale.

The thing that makes us slightly pessimistic about Sony launching a new gaming phone is that there have been no leaks and this event is being hosted in Japan, so it’s potentially aimed at the Japanese market first. Surely any new PlayStation phone would be a massive global event?

That leads us on to the next part of this tease which suggests it’s “for streamers”. It’s likely that Sony just wants to enhance the gaming experience for those who like to stream – so perhaps we’re just going to be getting Xperia accessories. The appearance of a Scarz gamer reinforces this, and the final nail in the gaming phone coffin is the fact that the YouTube teaser video includes the words “​​Made for the players – Sony’s Xperia new gaming gear is coming…​​”

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So unfortuantely it looks like the PlayStation phone will remain firmly in the past, with the 12 September event likely to be gaming accessories endorsed by the Xperia-sponsored Scarz e-sports team.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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