You Can Now Clear Your Off-Facebook Activity


Facebook has launched a new tool which puts you more in control of your data. Called the Off-Facebook Activity tool, this shows you which websites and apps are sharing your data with Facebook. It also lets you clear your history and sever these connections.

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Facebook’s privacy and security issues have been well-documented. So, Mark Zuckerberg and co. are slowly but surely trying to make things better. In March 2018, Facebook made it easier to manage your privacy settings, and now it’s going a step further.

How to Access the Off-Facebook Activity Tool

In a post on the Facebook Newsroom, Zuckerberg details “some of the work we’ve been doing to give you more control over your privacy – on and off Facebook.” For starters, Facebook will be directing all 2 billion users to its Privacy Checkup tool.

More interesting is the new Off-Facebook Activity tool, which is now available to all users. This deals with the data shared between Facebook and other businesses, which lets Facebook show you ads the social network thinks are relevant to you.

Many of the sites you visit and apps you use will share information with Facebook. This information allows Facebook to create a profile on you and share relevant ads. The Off-Facebook Activity tool lets you access this data and manage how it’s collected.

To access the Off-Facebook Activity tool, either follow this direct link or click Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off-Facebook Activity. You can then access, download, or manage your information, clear your history, and manage your future activity.

Why Facebook Is Still a Security Nightmare

It’s well worth digging through the Off-Facebook Activity tool and managing your data as you see fit. Personally, I prefer seeing relevant ads that I may actually be interested in, but if you aren’t, you may want to stop Facebook collecting this data in the future.

While the Off-Facebook Activity tool may not go far enough, it’s part of a process Facebook has started to let you reclaim your privacy. Still, it’s worth reading up about why Facebook is a security nightmare before learning how to take back control of your data.

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