You Can Now Delete Your Old Facebook Posts in Bulk


It’s now easier to delete your old Facebook posts, either individually or in bulk. This will help anyone looking to move on in life, and erase the evidence of their past. Whether that’s in order to remove reminders of an ex-partner or to secure a new career.

When Facebook Posts Come Back to Haunt You

Facebook has been around for so long now that most of its users are very different people than they were when they joined the social network. They’re older and (hopefully) wiser, and they’re unlikely to want old Facebook posts to come back to haunt them.

To help avoid that fate, Facebook has launched Manage Activity, which lets you remove old posts from Facebook. You can either send them to an Archive (which hides them from everyone but you) or Trash them completely (which deletes them completely after 30 days).

How to Delete Your Old Facebook Posts

Once you have access to the Manage Activity feature, you can remove old posts at will. All you need to do is open your Activity Log and click Manage Activity. You’ll then be given the option to Manage Your Posts, with them all listed in chronological order.

If the post or posts you want to delete is recent, you can just scroll down to find it. However, you can also employ filters to narrow your results. Just press the Filters button and filter your posts by Category, Date, or People. All of which are self-explanatory.

Once you have found the post or posts you’re looking for, select them and then click either Archive or Trash. Archive hides posts from view to everyone but you. Trash removes posts from Facebook completely after 30 days (allowing you to change your mind).

Facebook is launching Manage Activity first on Facebook Lite and the Facebook mobile apps for Android and iOS. It will take several weeks to reach everyone, so you may not see it immediately. The social network has also promised to bring it to desktop in the future.

Manage Activity Is Better Late Than Never

Manage Activity is a good (albeit extremely overdue) tool we wish Facebook had launched years ago. How many people have lost their jobs or had relationships ruined thanks to old Facebook posts coming back to haunt them? Still, it’s better late than never.

Seeing as we’ve mentioned it in this article, here’s everything you need to know about Facebook Lite. And for anyone who’s really worried about the privacy implications of using Facebook, here’s what deactivating or deleting Facebook really means.

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