ZTE’s Cui Li: Truly vital breakthrough innovation is to make the best product on the market

ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today has announced that its Chief Development Officer, Cui Li, has shared her insights on breakthrough innovation at the round table forum themed Breakthrough Innovation Methodology during the Fortune China Most Powerful Women (MPW) 2021 Summit in Shanghai on December 9, 2021. Cui was named to China’s Most Powerful Women in Business · Future List by the Chinese edition of Fortune, a preeminent media brand in the business world.

According to Ms. Cui, the truly vital breakthrough innovation is to make the best product on the market. She believes that for enterprises, all the core source of power and vitality of breakthrough innovation lies in solving practical problems and creating value or utility. And for a successful breakthrough innovation, factors of right time, right place and popular support must be in place. “Right time here means the social and economic macro environment, right place enterprises’ own breakthroughs and the related technical support, and popular support the market and business model.”

“The ultimate success of breakthrough innovation embodies a few characteristics:  technical feasibility, great convenience for easy replication and promotion, and more importantly, scarceness, meaning ‘creating something new or creating something better’,” added Cui.

Ms. Cui was listed in the “China’s Most Powerful Women in Business · Future List” for her years of deep cultivation in the field of communications technology and innovative insights into the ICT industry. The list aims to recognize a new generation of female entrepreneurs, managers and opinion leaders emerging from the Chinese business community.

Cui joined ZTE in 1999, and has been working as Vice President of ZTE since 2005. She has a wealth of technical expertise and managerial experience in the global telecom industry. Cui currently serves as Chief Development Officer, focusing on strategic business expansion, and the exploration and development of insights into the industry and more. Cui was also named to Forbes China’s “50 Women In Tech” in this June.

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