Qualcomm, Singapore Polytechnic provide 5G training

Qualcomm said that SP students will receive free 5G training and will also be able to earn certifications for their training in the 5G field

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Qualcomm Technologies have announced a joint initiative with the aim of bringing Qualcomm Technologies’ 5G training and certification to polytechnic students in Singapore.

Qualcomm Technologies’ collaboration with SP on programs from Qualcomm Academy, the educational and training arm of Qualcomm Technologies, is Qualcomm Academy’s first ever collaboration with an institution of higher learning in Singapore.

Under the terms of the agreement, SP students will receive free 5G training and will also be able to earn certifications for their training in the 5G field.

Qualcomm noted that the 5G training courses are designed to develop the 5G skills and knowledge of polytechnic and university-level students and to improve job prospects in the 5G digital ecosystem.

“Qualcomm Technologies believes in training the next generation of innovators and wireless engineers. We are delighted to offer our 5G training and certification to Singapore Polytechnic students through the Qualcomm Academy,” said Vikram Malhotra, senior director of program management for Qualcomm Technologies and head of the Qualcomm Academy. “We want the students to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to help transform the 5G landscape in Singapore and in the region, and our training can provide a good foundation for this.”

Lim Joo Ghee, deputy senior director of the SP Engineering Cluster, said: “In the wake of 5G technology’s emergence, there has been a notable surge in demand for professionals well-versed in its intricacies. From telecommunications to automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing, companies swiftly incorporate 5G into their operations. The presence of graduates skilled in 5G is pivotal in ensuring a competent workforce capable of meeting this escalating demand.” “This collaboration is invaluable, equipping our graduates with indispensable skills for the future. We look forward to forging a successful and impactful partnership that will yield positive contributions to the industry,” the executive added.

Students under the joint initiative will be able to enroll in two free beginner-level 5G courses (5G Primer and Fundamentals of Cellular Communication and 5G), where they will learn about 5G, how it works and potential use cases.

After completing the two free beginner-level 5G courses, SP students can choose to take Qualcomm Academy’s 5G introductory level certification exam. Students that pass this exam will receive a 5G Certificate from Qualcomm Technologies. This certification can show employers that the student understands the basics of 5G and how it works.

After obtaining the 5G introductory-level certificate, SP students can aim for an associate-level certification in 5G, which is ideal for polytechnic and university students interested in pursuing a career in 5G.

Qualcomm Academy’s 5G University Program and 5G Associate-Level Certification have reached more than 11,000 students worldwide since they were launched in 2021 and 2022, respectively, the chipmaker said.

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