Lenovo Tab P12 Leaks, Potentially With Matte Display

Hot on the heels of a wave of unveilings at MWC 2024, you’d think that Lenovo was done with the novelties in the tablet field. The company is now preparing a tablet dubbed Lenovo Tab P12, which has just leaked, with what appears to be a matte display in the mix.

In 2023, Lenovo introduced the P12 tablet and now they’re planning a version with a matte screen. The info comes from Windows Report, who revealed that Lenovo is working on a new tabled dubbed the Tab P12 Matte Display. It should share most features with the predecessor from last year, but it should also come with a 12.7 inch LCD screen, with a matte, paper-like texture similar to the one of an e-reader.

There’s a 3K resolution here and since it’s an LCD you shouldn’t expect the most vibrant colors. It also comes with an anti glare coating on the screen, that should improve visibility in bright environments. The paper like-texture should offer a comfortable viewing experience.

The resulting device should be compatible with Lenovo’s P12 Keyboard Pack, Folio Case and Tab Pen Plus. Lenovo is also going to ship the device with a quad speaker setup with JBL technology and Dolby Atmos. Inside we’ll find a MediaTek Dimensity 7050 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, plus a microSD card slot.

Other important features include a 13 MP front camera with AI tracking, 9 hours of battery life and Android 13 as the OS. The current Tab P12 starts at $270, but the new model may be pricier.

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