Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Series Confirmed, Model Number Leaked

Samsung appears to have been working on new tablets, namely the Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 series. The name has been recently confirmed via a leak. We’re expecting it to include at least 3 models: Samsung Galaxy Tab S10, Tab S10 Plus and Tab S10 Ultra.

The model numbers for Tab S10 Plus are SM-X828U, SM-X826B, and SM-X826N. These are more likely different connectivity, storage and RAM versions. The Tab S10 Ultra has appeared under the codename SM-X926B. The model numbers confirm availability in the Global, US and Korean regions. Oddly, there’s no Tab S10 listed as a model number in this database.

Samsung may not have started the development of a cellular Tab S10, that could be the reason behind it. Oddly enough, these models are not expected to drop in 2024, but rather Q1 2025. That’s because the Tab S7 debuted in August 2020 and the Tab S8 in march 2022. Then the Tab S9 came in August 2023, so there’s a large gap between them.

Now we’re expecting the Tab S10 with Galaxy AI features in 2025 with the Galaxy S25 series.

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