Reimagine the Future with Boldyn Networks ft. Christos Karmis

Dive into the future of connectivity with Carrie Charles on the latest episode of ‘5G Talent Talk’. Join us as we sit down with Christos Karmis, the visionary US CEO of Boldyn Networks, for an exclusive peek into the world of cutting-edge network connectivity solutions.

From combining six global companies to leading the charge in various market segments, Karmis unpacks Boldyn’s journey and unveils the company’s strategies for staying ahead of the curve. Discover why 5G private networks are the next big thing and how Boldyn is at the forefront of this transformative trend.

But that’s not all! Get ready for an inside look at the heart of Boldyn’s success: its unparalleled culture and leadership principles. From fostering empowerment to championing employee recognition, Karmis shares how Boldyn is paving the way for a new era of workplace excellence.

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About Christos Karmis

Christos Karmis serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the US operations for Boldyn Networks where he oversees all aspects of the company’s business. He is responsible for leading the company’s US growth across its tower, small cell, DAS, fiber, and Wi-Fi solutions. Christos has led the Boldyn Networks team for the development of tens of thousands of cell towers, DAS networks, and small cell nodes across the US and international markets. In addition, he has led the company’s public venue strategy which has resulted in the deployment of some of the largest in- building DAS and Wi-Fi networks in the country, and installations at stadiums and arenas across all major professional sporting leagues. Christos has overseen Boldyn Networks’ successes such as the design of the world’s largest Wi- Fl network in Las Vegas and setting the record for most mobile data traffic on an oDAS network during any event in history at the 2017 Kentucky Derby on Boldyn Networks’ Churchill Downs DAS network. Before joining Boldyn Networks, Christos specialized in real estate advisory services and the wireless communications Industry with Deloitte Consulting. While at Deloitte, he provided operational and network optimization strategies to the world’s largest wireless carriers.

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