AT&T Kid Friendly Tablet Showcased: Has Rugged Body and Handle

AT&T of all companies has just debuted a brand new tablet, a kid friendly slate, that’s known as amiGO Jr. Sadly it doesn’t have a price or a launch date just yet, but we do have some details below.

The carrier just announced the first kids tablet in its portofolio and we’re dealing with an Android product here, with not so detailed specs. There’s parental control and the AT&T amiGO Jr. Tab comes with a new AT&T amiGO app, that gives full control over the child’s experience remotely on your own device, in one place, with a very small amount of effort and no extra or hidden costs.

There’s safe browsing, play time limits, location monitoring, also secure messaging. It can do voice calls and video calling with parent-approved contacts. There’s even free Google Kids Space access, with teacher-approved applications, games and videos. While AT&T has never products like these, we see them often from the likes or Amazon or Samsung.

Usually the prices are low and Verizon for example charges $200 for a TCL Tab Family Edition and TCL Tab Disney Edition.

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