iReader Smart X3 is an E Ink Tablet That Premieres the Carta 1300 Display

There’s a new E Ink tablet in town and it’s special. It’s dubbed the iReader Smart X3 and it’s an E Ink tablet that premieres the Carta 1300 screen panel. We’re dealing with a 10.65 inch, 2560 x 1920 pixel black and white display.

It has support for touch and pressure sensitive pen input, a quad core processor with an integrated NPU for AI and an “independent display chip”. These are said to work together to provide AI-based dynamic screen refreshing, which would result in a little less ghosting during the partial page refreshes. Compared to the older E Ink Carta 1000 display, the new one offers a 27% faster response time and 20% higher contrast ratio.

It also keeps the same pixel density at 300 PPI. The device also comes with physical page turn buttons on one side, as well as a front lit display and a digital pen that can attach to the side of the iReader magnetically. We find on board 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage and an user interface that supports light and dark mode.

The price is supposed to be $465 in China and we’re not very sure we’ll get to see an international debut. The core selling point remains the AI feature for smoother page refreshes.

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