iPad Mini 7 to Feature iPhone 14 Pro Processor, According to Leak

Apple has been said to offer a surprise unveiling for new iPads this week, but that didn’t come through. Instead we got a brand new stylus with USB-C. However, we did learn some info about the upcoming iPad Mini 7, most likely slated for a 2024 release.

The next iPad unveiling will definitely be a busy one, since it should include the iPad 11, iPad mini 7, iPad Air 6. The iPad Mini 7 is going to use the Apple iPhone 14 Pro processor, according to rumors, which is not very flattering for a 2024 device. The iPhone 14 Pro had an Apple A16 Bionic processor, which will be almost two generations behind by the time the iPad Mini 7 comes out.

It kind of makes sense though, as the Apple A17 Pro doesn’t bring a huge jump in power, there aren’t enough units for all iPads and iPhones and it’s pretty hard to keep cool. The iPad Mini 7 is said to also bring an end to the jelly scrolling issue, which Apple keeps assuring us it’s not even real. iPad Mini 6 owners had uncovered that there’s a refresh issue when holding the iPad in portrait orientation.

There’s a delay between the lines of pixels at the bottom and top of the screen, appearing during the refresh. It doesn’t happen all the time and Apple insists it’s normal behaviour for LCD screens that refresh line by line. The iPad Mini 7 should get a new camera, new color options and new accessories, Hopefully more than 64 GB of storage on the basic version.

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