Netmore buys Objenious from Bouygues to bolster vision of pan-Europe LoRaWAN

Swedish IoT operator Netmore Group has acquired the public LoRaWAN network assets of operator Bouygues Telecom in France. The deal has been facilitated by Polar Structure, parent company of Netmore, and covers the Objenious-branded LoRaWAN infrastructure that Bouygues had earmarked 18 months ago for shut-down in 2024. Netmore has been building a brand new public LoRaWAN network in France since the start of 2023; the deal with Bouygues gives it a ready-made network, and bolsters its vision of a Europe-wide LoRaWAN-based IoT network.

Bouygues has been busy in the meantime migrating IoT accounts to its cellular-based NB-IoT and LTE-M networks. But the acquisition includes Objenious’s customer management portal, called SPOT, and Netmore said it will seek to “ensure continuity and a seamless experience for existing clientele”. Netmore will also assume charge of LoRaWAN “services” in France, including “network infrastructure management, monitoring, radio planning, maintenance, and customer support”. Objenious customers will get access to its existing LoRaWAN roaming footprint in Europe.

Netmore acquired LoRaWAN operator Nordic IoT Networks in early 2021, pivoting to focus on public LoRaWAN infrastructure. It has since launched or acquired public LoRaWAN networks in Sweden, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, and France. It has also established operations in Poland and Austria, and has roaming agreements in Finland and Switzerland. Netmore said it will further expand its Objenious LoRaWAN base. It said it is offering “coverage on demand for large-scale IoT projects” in Europe, and is in talks about serious-sized IoT deals “for at least… 10 years”. 

Arnaud Delprat, managing director of Netmore Group in France, said: “The French IoT market now has stable and long-term access to professional LoRaWAN services. We are actively in dialogue with existing and potential customers and partners, particularly utilities, resource management, smart building companies, property owners, to understand how we can best support their long-term and large-scale IoT projects. I encourage more companies within the IoT sector to initiate discussions on the connectivity solutions we offer.”

He added: “We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Bouygues Telecom and Objenious for their valued collaboration. To the esteemed customers of Objenious who have opted, or will opt, to pursue the LoRaWAN journey with us, we anticipate contributing collectively to the advancement of the LoRaWAN market in France.“

Ove Anebygd, chief executive at Netmore Group, said: “Our pan-European strategy highlights our commitment to integrating across diverse markets, with France playing an integral role. This expansive approach not only strengthens connectivity but also amplifies the commercial reach for our French partners, allowing them to tap into wider European opportunities.”

Bernardo Cabrera, director of the Objenious business at Bouygues Telecom, commented: “Our deal with Netmore… will significantly benefit our LoRaWAN customers. It was important for us to find an alternative solution for our LoRaWAN clients who wish to continue using this technology, and we believe that Netmore is the right actor at the right moment. Netmore has a proven track record with LoRaWAN technology across Europe, and we have confidence in their ability to further our work in this field.”

He added: “Objenious, as Bouygues Telecom’s IoT brand, will continue to develop its technology portfolio with LTE-M, NB-IoT, 4G, and 5G technologies, which are complementary to the LoRaWAN IoT use cases.”

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