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Reishunger CookerSource: Reishunger

Rice Cooker

The staple diet of over half the world’s population, rice is a store cupboard saviour. Being low in fat, and providing B vitamins and iron, getting more rice into your diet is a great idea. The only trouble is, it can be a bit tricky to cook, especially in larger quantities. A good rice cooker can help, our best overall choice, the Judge Horwood JEA10 Family Rice Cooker can cook rice perfectly for up to 10 people. Take a look at this recommended product, and four others to suit smaller households, in our rice cooker collection.

Best Overall: Judge Horwood JEA10 Family Rice Cooker

Judge Horwood Cooker

Judge Horwood CookerSource: Judge Horwood

This large capacity cooker has a 1.8-litre cooking pot which means you can make up to 10 servings of rice, or as little as four. Offering fully automatic one-touch operation, it’s super simple to use.

The non-stick cooking pot has easy-to-read markings so you can cook the correct amount of rice which it does with an energy-efficient high temperature, low-pressure method. After the rice is done, the JEA10 will keep it warm for up to six hours.


  • Automatic one-touch operation
  • Keep warm functionality
  • Large capacity


  • Only one setting

Best Overall

Judge Horwood Rice CookerJudge Horwood Rice Cooker

Judge Horwood JEA10 Family Rice Cooker

Grande grains

This excellent value option is perfect for larger households and offers simple operation.

Best Functionality: Yum Asia Panda Mini Rice Cooker

Yum Asia Panda Mini

Yum Asia Panda MiniSource: Yum Asia

Perfect for individuals and couples, this has a 0.63 litre or 3.5 cup capacity. It has a small footprint, so it is ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium. Despite its diminutive dimensions, it’s very capable with the ability to cook white/long grain rice, short-grain sushi rice and brown rice with the cooker settings able to steam, porridge, slow cook and bake.

Controls are via the attractive Korean-designed LED panel where you can activate the 24-hour keep-warm function and a 24-hour timer. The cooker’s inner bowl is a high quality, five-layer, 2mm thick ceramic coated pot and the inner lid, steam cap and condensation collector are all removable for easy cleaning.


  • Multiple cooking settings
  • 24-hour preset timer
  • Keep warm functionality

Best Functionality

Yum Asia Rice CookerYum Asia Rice Cooker

Yum Asia Panda Mini Rice Cooker

Cute cub

Yum Asia’s mini cooker has clever settings to help you perfect your rice dishes.

Best for Individuals: VonShef Rice Cooker

VonShef Rice Cooker Lifestyle

VonShef Rice Cooker LifestyleSource: VonShef

This tiny cooker has just a 300ml or 1.5 cups capacity, so it’s the perfect size to make enough rice for a single main meal or two side portions. The inner pot has a non-stick finish and is removable for easy cleaning.

The controls are super-simple, just put the rice and water into the cooking pot, close the lid, and the machine will automatically set the cooking time. There is a keep-warm function for when the rice is done.


  • Keep warm functionality
  • Simple controls
  • Small footprint


  • Only one setting

Best for Individuals

VonShef Rice CookerVonShef Rice Cooker

VonShef Rice Cooker

Mini winner

Ideal for solo-diners or students, this is a tiny rice cooker with straightforward controls.

Best for Speed: Reishunger Rice Cooker

Reishunger Lifestyle

Reishunger LifestyleSource: Reishunger

This rice cooker has a family-friendly capacity of 1.2-litres or 6.5 cups, so can make enough rice to feed six people. Once cooked, the appliance will automatically switch into keep warm mode for up to eight hours.

This boasts a high-quality, heavyweight, removable inner pot made of aluminium that has a double non-stick coating as well as a honeycomb pattern on the bottom so that rice won’t burn. Offering quick cooking capabilities, this can cook a single portion of rice in 14 minutes.


  • Keep warm functionality
  • Non-stick cooking pot
  • Large capacity

Best for Speed

Reishunger Rice CookerReishunger Rice Cooker

Reishunger Rice Cooker


With a good-sized capacity, this capable rice cooker is perfect for families.

Best Value: Quest 35550 Rice Cooker

Quest Rice Cooker

Quest Rice CookerSource: Amazon

This truly affordable option has one key feature the other cookers we’ve featured don’t — a clear glass lid so you can see your rice as it cooks. A larger 1.8-litre capacity option, it’s a good size for families or larger households.

It has simple settings with just “cook” and “warm” functionality. The removable non-stick bowl can be taken to the table, and it comes complete with a measuring cup and a spatula.


  • Large capacity
  • Glass lid
  • Keep warm functionality


  • Large footprint

Best Value

Quest CookerQuest Cooker

Quest 35550 Rice Cooker


Quest’s rice cooker is great for budget-conscious families.

Bottom line

These rice cookers are all capable options to help you perfect your home-cooked rice dishes and will take away the hassle of trying to cook rice in a pan. If you often prepare a variety of types of rice, the Yum Asia Mini Panda product offers a fantastic array of settings suited to the kind of cereal grain you’re cooking.

Otherwise, it’s best to consider capacity. If you’re just cooking for yourself, the VonShef rice cooker is small but perfectly formed to make individual portions of rice. Alternatively, our overall best pick, the Judge Horwood JEA10 Family Rice Cooker can make up to 10 servings of rice in one go, so is absolutely perfect for larger families or people who entertain often.

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