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Are you wondering how you can transport your cat without ending up with a ton of scratches? Do you need to take your pet on a plane—albeit briefly—but don’t want to put your cat in the hold because your pet is your friend and not a piece of luggage? Then look no further than the Sherpa travel deluxe pet carrier. It’s a stellar option that is capable of being used in any situation, and once you’re done using it, just let your cat out, fold it up neatly, and put it away until the next time you need it.

Sherpa Travel Deluxe Pet Carrier Sherpa Travel Deluxe Pet Carrier

Best overall:
Sherpa travel deluxe pet carrier

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If you need to take your pet on a plane, this is undoubtedly the best option out there. The carrier is not just airline-approved, but it is also Guaranteed on Board. This is a program that ensures that all Sherpa carriers under a certain size will be allowed onboard an airplane. This does require some work on your part. You will have to print a form from the website to present when boarding. But it will ensure that your cat will fly with you. Not traveling by plane? No problem! This carrier also comes with a car seat belt strap so that you can safely secure your cat in your vehicle.

$36 at Amazon

Ferplast Atlast 20 Cat Carrier Ferplast Atlast 20 Cat Carrier

Best hard carrier:
Ferplast Atlas 20 cat carrier

Suitable for cats and small dogs up to 17 pounds, this colorful case from Ferplast will keep your cat safe while they are firmly ensconced inside. There are plenty of small rectangular windows built into the case, so your cat will not have any issues breathing. It does not come with a bed or fleece lining, but there is plenty of space to add your own cushions. The case is plastic, but it is not explicitly waterproof. However, it will not leak unless it is tipped over. Tipping a case of this size and sturdiness would be difficult, though. The door can also be removed entirely as it is held on by four rotatable hinges.

$40 at Amazon

Petmate 24-inch Pet KennelPetmate 24-inch Pet Kennel

Best top load carrier:
Petmate 24-inch pet kennel

Getting your feline companion into a carrier for trips is rarely an easy task, but it can be made easier by using a top-loading pet kennel. This hard case carrier measures 24-inches, making it a perfect size for even larger cats. It features a front door as well as a top-loading door and can easily be taken apart for cleaning if necessary. This option comes in four colors and can also be picked up in a smaller 19-inch model if your cat’s petite.

$45 at Amazon

Pet Magasin Cat Carrier Pet Magasin Cat Carrier

Best budget carrier:
Pet Magasin cat carrier

Clocking in at only 2.2 pounds, this lightweight, stylish case can be folded flat to save on space when not in use but also holds its shape when the doors at either end of it are locked. It is made from a waterproof material that is resistant to bites, so it is simple to clean and keep looking well maintained. It can be easily carried around using either the handle or included shoulder strap and comes with a padded floor and sides as well; additionally, there is plenty of space for extra cushions to be added so that you have a happy cat when traveling.

$24 at Amazon

The best way to carry your cat

The best cat carrier is the Sherpa travel deluxe pet carrier as it is the only carrier guaranteed to stay by your side on a flight.

In addition to this, the medium-sized carrier is sturdy enough to hold pets up to 16 pounds. And it comes with a fluffy fleece bed, so your cat will have a nice place to sleep while you are traveling together. The bag is also leak-proof, which should help with any unfortunate accidents that may occur. There is also a flap so you can place your cat in the bag from above if necessary.

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